Ms. Ashley Comma Roy
Ms. Ashley Comma Roy

Lecturer Contact No : 8801921327893
Department of Agricultural Finance and Banking Email :
Faculty of Agricultural Economics & Rural Sociology ResearchGate
Research Interest:    Climate change, Food security, Yield gap, Sustainable agriculture
Bsc. Ag. Econ.(Hons)    - 2016
Bangladesh Agricultural University
MS In Ag. Econ.(Finance)    - 2018
Bangladesh Agricultural University
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Assistant Professor
01 Oct, 2020 -
Bangladesh Agricultural University
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Rahman, M.A. and Roy. A.C., 2018, Conservation Agriculture and Household Foodsecurity: A Study of Smallholder Farmers of Char Area in Bangladesh, Journal of Agricultural Engineering and FoodTechnology, vol.5-1, pp. 33-39.

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UGC Merit Scholarship, 2014 University Grant Commission Bangladesh Merit Scholarship
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Member Krishibid Institution Bangladesh